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Private Jets Aviation, being new in the aviation business is introducing itself with the variety of charter services and with better and advanced facilities. Many aviation companies are now available for charter services but Private Jets Aviation company is coming with the improved version of them. You will get the very best experience with our company. Chartering an aircraft is made easy with Private Jets Aviation. Being young in the aviation business, the Private Jets Aviation company is tailor made according to the people or customers and with this feature it is also pocket friendly. Private Jets Aviation is made according to the today’s needs.

Charter Flights

Private Jets Aviation provides you the facility of chartering a flight. Charter flight is different from the scheduled flights. Charter flights are a part of unscheduled flight where the routing time doesn’t matter. You can get a flight of your own. Charter flights are tailored according to the need of the customers. The timings of the charter flights as well as routes all are decided by the customer. From where to fly and where to land all these are decided by the person who is chartering the flight. Because the charter flights are not the part of scheduled flights the depart time depends on when you want it to. Charter flights are particularly convenient when you need to travel to a city where scheduled airline service may require multiple connections or layovers before you reach the destination.

The main advantage of chartering a flight is privacy. Passengers availing the service of charter flight don’t have to undergo super security sessions like the ones availing commercial flights where travelers are herded in the airport. At the most airports of ours travelers availing the service of charter flight can take their cars to the place of plane. And there is hardly any delay in the actual departure of the flight.


People availing the service of charter flight from Private Jets Aviation company don’t have to worry about accommodations on the flight. Our charter flights are not restricted with the limited seats of 2 or 3, you can take as many persons as you want because traveling is nothing without the bunch of people. Probably the best thing of charter flight is that you can select the people with whom you want to travel and enjoy the route with complete relaxation. People availing the charter flights services from us can literally design their own seats and the cherry on the cake is that they can also select their meals from their favourite restaurants. Private Jets Aviation assures you and your near and dear ones, the supreme comfort. And its not over yet, you will get the whole entertainment systems on our charter flights like televisions with high sound quality are available on our charter flight which is connected with a satellite network.

Charter Plane price

Private Jets Aviation provides you the best and the cheapest services of charter flight. It is the mind set of the people to get the best at the cheapest. So here it is the best opportunity for all of you to get the better and improved facilities than others with our Aviation company. The rent of chartering a flight depends on the flight you select and the time you need it. The rent is charged according to the per hour basis, a certain amount is added with the increase in certain hour. But compared to others it is still the cheapest provider of charter flights and it keeps everything transparent.

Chartered plane price in India

Usually the price of the chartered plane in India depends on the flight you select and the time for which you have hired it. For example – chartering a light jet flight like Cessena Citation CJ2 cost amount around Rs 1,40,000 per hour.

Air Charter

Private Jets Aviation with its fresh and new features enters the market with the variety of charter services. You can charter any type of aircraft with us in a reasonable price. Chartering a flight saves you time as well as give you the relax time. And you don’t have to wait like others opting commercial flights. You do not have to face any restrictions of carrying luggage like in commercial flights. Our main moto is to provide our customers with the best facilities at the cheapest prices.

Best as a Career Option:

The air charter service careers are best for your development as a person. As a business, it’s in the great interest of airlines and airports that their staffs are consistently developing. Therefore, they make sure that they offer their employees training and career development. There are many training institutes out there which have professional teams to train you in this field. So it can be a different career opportunity for you.

With this information, you will come to know taking the private air charter for quick and best traveling is always a good option. This will definitely save your time and money.

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